Aquatic Technologies products provide an environmentally friendly solution to treat algae in lakes, drinking water reservoirs, waste water and other applications by making use of ultrasonic technology. Our continuous water quality monitoring systems can move our customers towards more effective water quality management throughout Australia & Asia Pacific.

The science behind the technology means our devices figure out which frequency of ultrasound would be most efficient for water purification, thus preventing algae from reappearing. Our Ultra Sonic Algae Control Units are the most advanced method of control for algae and bio film on the market today.

Why choose an Ultrasonic Solution?

  • To rid up to 90% of existing algae
  • To prevent the growth of new algae
  • Ultrasonic offers a chemical-free solution to treat algae
  • To have a safe solution for fish, plants, and other aquatic animal life
  • To treat large water surfaces, such as lakes and reservoirs
  • To avoid damaging industrial systems, for example to filters in treatment plants


Control algae and improve the water quality in large water surfaces


Control algae in your pond without the use of chemicals

Drinking Water Reservoirs

Control and prevent growth of cyanobacteria

Irrigation Reservoirs

Control algae growth and prevent clogging of pumps, filters and sprinklers

Water Treatment Plants

Control suspended and filamentous algae without killing beneficial bacteria. Lower algae, biofilm formation, bacterial counts, and chemical consumption

Golf Course Ponds

Eliminate algae and increase the aesthetic appearance of the golf course

LG Sonic e-line

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