Water Treatment Plants

Control suspended and filamentous algae without killing beneficial bacteria


  • Scientifically proven technology: The products are developed in collaboration with several renowned universities and research institutes.
  • Effective treatment to control algae: The LG Sonic system eliminates up to 90% of the current algae and prevents the growth of new algae, even in tanks with a low retention time.
  • Chemical-free: Reduce expensive and environmentally unfriendly chemicals.
  • Chameleon Technology™: change the ultrasonic program according the water conditions, type of algae, and type application.
  • Reduce the use of chemicals: Ultrasound improves the reaction between chemicals and reagents, which lowers the need to use expensive and environmentally unfriendly chemicals.
  • Reduce maintenance and labor costs: Prevent damage to clarifiers and filters.

How it Works:

Algae Control

Using scientifically proven frequencies selectively, LG Sonic targets green and (toxic) blue-green algae. Ultrasound from the right frequency creates a sound barrier in the top layer of the water, reflecting on objects with a different density then water. This affects the buoyancy of many types of algae and prevents algae from floating up to the surface. Read more about the impact of ultrasound on algae.

The LG Sonic e-line can be installed in different stages where algae growth or bio-fouling is a problem such as clarifiers, dissolved air flotation (DAF) tanks, or filters and does not need a bypass or flow-through system. The e-box can be connected with a cable to a power outlet.