LG Ultra Sonic E-Line Algae Control Units

e-Line XL 120m & e-Line XXL 200m Algae Control Units

Aquatic Technologies LG e-Line Ultra Sonic Algae Control Units are the most advanced method of control for algae and biofilm on the market today.

The Benefits are:

  • Different ultrasonic programs are used for more efficient algae control
  • Integrated wiper for minimal maintenance
  • Controlled and monitored remotely with GSM module
  • Connect multiple transmitters for better coverage of a water surface or [different] multiple sites

Multiple Transmitters
The LG Sonic e-Line offers the possibility to install up to 4 transmitters on one single electronic control box for treatment of multiple ponds or larger lakes. Every transmitter can be programmed via the same e-box
and work on separate programs, depending on the water parameters.

Integrated Automatic Wiper
The LG Sonic e-Line is the first and only ultrasonic system world-wide that has an automatic cleaning system that wipes the transmitter head to prevent calcite deposits and other fouling.

Weatherproof Control Box
The Aluminium control box offers protection from weather being water resistant & has better cooling capabilities.

LCD Display with User Interface
The E-Line includes an LCD screen that displays the status of each transmitter. Up to 10 different frequency programs per transmitter can be selected.

GSM Remote Control
The GSM control unit allows you to monitor and change the ultrasonic program of your unit remotely, receive status updates or alerts if power outages. Aquatic Technologies support systems are also available to upload new programs remotely.

Solar System Available – The E-Line model operates on 24 VDC, using between 10-40 Watts. An option of solar panels, batteries and charge regulator is also available.

  • Transmitter type
  • Range
  • E-XXL
  • 200 m/650 ft